100 Word Challenge 2

Good morning year three.  I am loving your 100 word stories.  Are you up for another challenge?

In 100 words, write a story about what the teachers do when you have left school at the end of the day. (Reply to this post as a comment)


  • C.!?
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Embedded clauses

I look forward to reading them.

Mrs Boag

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11 Responses to 100 Word Challenge 2

  1. JJMB says:

    Once there was a nice teacher and wen her students left she got out her magic wand and with one wave the room was clean after she had a chocolate sundae it was tasty . In the mornig she gave them all the class points so every day they had a class treat they loved there teacher.

  2. LO says:

    One dark, gloomy night after all the teachers went home all the teddy’s came alive.
    They had a meeting about getting food and make traps because they wanted revenge.
    The next morning Mrs Boag stepped in the trap. But Mrs Boag saw the teddy’s smile and they were in big trouble.

  3. TK says:

    Once in a school at night the teachers PARTYED AND HAD A CHOCELOT bufey!!! They got fat because they got to greedy Mrs Boag was the fattiest because she kept going for more. They danced and sang all night until they tired.

  4. EB says:

    One sunny afternoon at four 0′ clock when all the children had left school all the Teachers were tiding up there classroom’s. Suddenly Mrs Boag the year three teacher heard a noise, it was a banging noise so she runs down the corridor to investigate . As quick as a flash she she stopped infront of a very tall monster so she ran away . But suddenly Mrs Boag remembered that she had banged her head so it was actually a dream. Suddenly she realised it was five o ‘ clock so she rushed home to make the tea.

  5. RS says:

    The teachers life is after school they get to mark books also some nights they get parents evening. At 4;00 the teacher time begins because it is so peaceful and no children are shouting or screaming. It must be so relaxing for the teacher.

  6. 1342013am says:

    After teaching year 3 our teacher works ,marking and commenting our books .
    But when she leaves school. Our cheeky elf would eat our class advent calendar. Thanks
    for reading.

  7. TB says:

    When school is finished the teachers go home and they have a huge buffet and there is lots of chocolate the chocolates were very tasty the teachers loved the chocolate so they stayed until 3 o’clock in the morning they had lots after the buffet Mrs Boag went home In here magic Landrover . She went as quick as a flash when she went as quick as a flash all the way home it one minute to get home when she got home she went straight to bed inhere dream se loved it aswell.

  8. JGH says:

    In The night there Is still some people wandering about called the teachers at St Thomas Primary .When everybody is asleep the terrific teachers come out and have a PARTY !!!!!!!!They jump up and down and get crazy mad then one night they suddenly got locked in the basement and they did not know what to do !!!!!!!!Suddenly Mrs Boag had an idier she could go on the computer and open the doors but then they saw that the door was open so they ran out but it was the middle of the school day so the children got the day off result !!!!!!!!

  9. Acb says:

    One day, all the children had left school and the teachers were getting ready to go home but there was a problem Mr southern had left and accidently closed the gates this happens every day . The teachers had to call Mr southern to come and open the gates and he did. There was a teacher and she went home when she got home she started to stuff her face with figgy pudding and wouldn’t stop she loved figgy pudding but then she was sick she went to bed and went” ugh give this girl a break” and that’s it.

  10. HG says:

    When everyone goes home and all that’s in the class is the teacher’s all the children wonder what the teacher’s do .They children think there planning but no there doing something crazy you will never gues what .They disco till 10 o’clock then in the morning they don’t Know what to do .

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