Todd the elf saves the day!

Last night, when everything was quiet, Todd the elf was fast asleep in his bed. Suddenly  there was a loud bang and Todd jumped up in fright. Nervously, he went to investigate. He crept down the corridor and was  surprised to see two masked men breaking into the ICT suite. As quick as a flash Todd ran off to the office to call the cops.

Whilst  waiting for the cops to arrive, Todd grabbed an ipad and secretly filmed the burglars and put it on twitter.

Two minutes later, the police arrived and arrested the men.

Todd was a hero!

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4 Responses to Todd the elf saves the day!

  1. Mrs Boag says:

    A great story. Well done. I like how you have used fronted adverbials correctly.

  2. John Brierley says:

    Todd was very quick thinking to use the ipad to film the robbers!

  3. Thin King says:

    I’d like to know how he was rewarded by the school.

  4. Vicki Brierley says:

    What a great story EB. I thought all elves were mischievous not heroes!!

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