Todd the elf and the Christmas stocking

Once, in a magical class room, there was a mischievous elf called Todd and a green Christmas tree decorated with one blue stocking and lots of baubles. Todd liked climbing the Christmas tree and sitting on the edge of the stocking to watch the children do their work.

Being the mischievous elf, he also liked throwing small balls of tinsel when Mrs Boag turned her back, but this made him fall backwards into the stocking. As he wriggled to get out, the Christmas tree collapsed and the baubles flew everywhere. The children laughed as Mr Southern chased to collect them.


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1 Response to Todd the elf and the Christmas stocking

  1. Mrs Boag says:

    I loved this story. I could imagine Todd wriggling in the stocking and being stuck. Especially as he was stuck in the hand towel box earlier this week.

    Well done.

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