100 word challenge

There was a elf called Tod and he lived in year three classroom .But all he had to play with was a blanket. I know that you would not find much fun in a blanket, but he did! It was like his best buddy, and he could not sleep without it. But one morning he saw his blanket was gone !!!! He looked secretly around but he could’nt find it. Then he saw his worst nightmare in a boy’s pocket!!!! Quick as lightening, he did an almighty jump, and then used his blanket as a parachute, landing safely in teacher’s drawer!!!!

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6 Responses to 100 word challenge

  1. JW says:

    I like your story Jess:)

  2. SW says:

    WOW Jessie!!! that is a good story. from Scarlett.

  3. 1342013ah says:

    It is a very good jess!!

  4. JJMB says:

    I read your blog it was amazing it was also epic from Robert

  5. RCBBJ says:

    Great story love the punctuation !!!Your thoughts are so adventures!!!fROM rEBECCAxxx

  6. Ilona Hepburn says:

    I love this story Jessie!! It takes me to a fun little world in my head, imagining what magic might go on whilst we are asleep!!

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