Hello and welcome to Year 3’s Blog

We will be using the blog to share all of our learning this year.   We are looking forward to getting started.

Y3 bloggers would really appreciate your comments. Remember – all comments will be moderated before going live.


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100 Word Challenge 2

Good morning year three.  I am loving your 100 word stories.  Are you up for another challenge?

In 100 words, write a story about what the teachers do when you have left school at the end of the day. (Reply to this post as a comment)


  • C.!?
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Embedded clauses

I look forward to reading them.

Mrs Boag

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This morning, Year Three learned a very valuable lesson about E-safety.

If any parents  would like to find out more, feel  free to contact me and have a look at the E-Safety section of the school website.

Mrs Boag

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Todd the elf and the Christmas stocking

Once, in a magical class room, there was a mischievous elf called Todd and a green Christmas tree decorated with one blue stocking and lots of baubles. Todd liked climbing the Christmas tree and sitting on the edge of the stocking to watch the children do their work.

Being the mischievous elf, he also liked throwing small balls of tinsel when Mrs Boag turned her back, but this made him fall backwards into the stocking. As he wriggled to get out, the Christmas tree collapsed and the baubles flew everywhere. The children laughed as Mr Southern chased to collect them.


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Todd the elf saves the day!

Last night, when everything was quiet, Todd the elf was fast asleep in his bed. Suddenly  there was a loud bang and Todd jumped up in fright. Nervously, he went to investigate. He crept down the corridor and was  surprised to see two masked men breaking into the ICT suite. As quick as a flash Todd ran off to the office to call the cops.

Whilst  waiting for the cops to arrive, Todd grabbed an ipad and secretly filmed the burglars and put it on twitter.

Two minutes later, the police arrived and arrested the men.

Todd was a hero!

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Tod the cheeky elf

Tod the cheeky elf was fishing in the sink, after a very long day he caught a turkey fish. The turkey fish had along neck with a floppy bit on, it also had a very fat tummy.

Tod thought mm I could have that fish for my Christmas dinner. That would go well with my roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

So he went home and cut out the turkey fishes eyes and guts and replaced it with a half lemon. He put it in the oven for one hour. He had a brilliant Christmas dinner. The best ever!

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100 word challenge

There was a elf called Tod and he lived in year three classroom .But all he had to play with was a blanket. I know that you would not find much fun in a blanket, but he did! It was like his best buddy, and he could not sleep without it. But one morning he saw his blanket was gone !!!! He looked secretly around but he could’nt find it. Then he saw his worst nightmare in a boy’s pocket!!!! Quick as lightening, he did an almighty jump, and then used his blanket as a parachute, landing safely in teacher’s drawer!!!!

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Our time in year three.

Good afternoon year three. 

What have you most enjoyed about your time in year three so far?   Add a comment to this post and let me know.

Mrs Boag.


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We are very excited to welcome all our new visitors from around the world.   Our welcome messages are all in the comments below.

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100 word challenge.

We are learning about mini sagas at the moment, which are short stories.  Our challenge this week is to write a 100 word story about….

  • Character – Todd the Elf.
  • Setting – Classroom
  • Object – Your own choice.

The best five sagas will be published onto the blog.

Please start a new post rather than a comment.  Happy writing year 3.

From Mrs Boag.

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